Monday, 25 August 2014

How to: Get Rid Of Acne/Pimples

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Hello, beauties! So today I decided to do an article of how to get rid of acne/pimples/spots. I know that a lot of you are having that problem so and I and i decided to share with you what I do to get rid of all that imperfection.  


You need to wash your face at least twice a day. I wear make up almost every day so I wash my face in morning when I get up and in the evening after I remove my make up.

Steam your face! Put very hot water in bowl and put your face above bowl and then put some towel on your head, so that steam is not going out of bowl. Steaming your face helps opening pores.

Try to put something on your face to reduce pimple. For example, ice, toothpaste etc. It really helps and you should try it on.

Use sulfur-containing cleansers. Products that contain sulfur are amazing for acne! Always look for products that have sulfur in them if you have acne, for me thats the best thing for your acne problems.

Use a lot of face masks! They smooth out your skin and kill bacteria. Use any face mask 2 to 3 times a      week and leave it for about 20 minutes

I hope that I maybe helped you with this 5 steps. I heard a lot more techniques of how to get rid of acne/pimples but I never tried them on so I didn't wanted to talk about them. Let me know if any of this steps helped you. Continue to read my blog because there are upcoming hair and makeup tutorials that I am planning to do next. Thanks for reading, bye.

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  4. This was really helpful, I've had a little breakout and was wondering what I could do about it! Thankyou xx