Saturday, 3 January 2015


                              LOOK FOR LESS

In todays post I decided to show you how to get everything from Kim's look. I did some research and found out original price of everything that she wore and I found all of the things that in half price and even more! 

Kim was wearing:
Purse - Hermes ($10,000.00)
Coat - Givenchy ($4,425.00)
Pants - Alaia ( $175.00)
Shoes - Giuseppe Zanotti ( $570.00)

total: $15,170.00 

We can clearly see that Kim's look is bit more expensive and luckily I found all clothing pices for a lot cheaper and they are pretty similar. I love this look, it's simple all black look witch is always luxuries and clean looking. This is actually really simple outfit with beautiful red lips witch gave her that pop of colour. She looks very professional and beautiful as always. 

I found this similar coat from Nordstrom and if you go to their site its curently $180.00 and it is also on sale 50% off so now it is only $89.99. This is huge steal! Insted of buying Givenchy coat you can save $4,335.01! I think that coats look almost the same and with this coat you can definitely create exactly same outfit as hers! I love it!

These are simple black pants and you can find them everywhere, I have these ones from Target and they cost $14.99, Alaia pants are $175.00 which is insane! If you skip buying pants that Kim bought and buy these, you would save $160!


This is basic leather bag from Zara and it costs $79.90 ,its on sale online so it costs $59.99!! This is great deal, bags look similar and you would save $9,920 if you would skip buying the real thing which is $10,000.00!

These heels are Steve Madden heels, they cost $79.95, Kim's shoes cost $570.00! You would save $490! They look same and they are soo pretty! I am in love!      
                                            total: $350.00

Kim's outfit costs $15,170.00, and our just $350.00!! We saved soo much money and we got basically the same outfit, I am very happy with my purchase! If you want me to do more get the look posts I will and leave in comments below which celeb do you wanna see next! I love doing these posts and I worked really hard on this one so please make sure to share it with your friends and leave comment! 

                                                                           love, Tia xx  

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  1. this post is so lovely!! ahh need that nordstrom coat!!xox