Monday, 26 January 2015


Colors of 2015 will be amazing, especially in Spring. Colors will be everywhere, most likely there will be fun and bright colors. Blue, pink, yellow, orange, green.. all amazing colors. Where I live its still snowing and freezing cold so I still gotta wait some time to be able to wear some pop of colors on me. Dark colors that we got used to wear in winter are obviously out! And most of all I can not wait to bring some pop of color on my workout clothes and I think that is gonna really motivate me to work harder.  

What do you think about Spring 2015? What will be IN and what OUT? Leave comment below telling me your opinion, and click follow button somewhere on my blog if you like it! xx

                                                                              Love, Tia


  1. I love that colours, especially pink and blue :) Can't wait the spring.
    I like your blog, so I will follow you :)
    You can follow me too on my blog :*

  2. I can't wait until spring! Bringing back the Pastels!

  3. I agree with everything you said, amazing :))
    your blog is amazing,

    I would be thankful if you visit my blog, I am new here