Monday, 19 January 2015


Hello beauties, 
Today I wanted to just sit down and write chill post that will maybe inspire some of you to never give up! I used to set my goals every year and to be honest I never done any of my goals, and just then I started to realize that I need to do something about my dreams and my goals bc they are never gonna come true if i don't do something about them. You really can not just sit around and wait good things to happen. Go and try to make your dreams come true, turn them into reality. This year I wrote blog post about my new years resolutions and just now I want to do more and more of them, I am putting new goals on my list and I am working hard to make them happen. Don't be afraid to chase your dreams, nothing bad will happen if you give it a try. I have bigger and bigger goals, I want to become a better person and accomplish everything that I ever wanted. The main thing is that you have to work hard and never give up, be a fighter. Everyday try to work a tiny bit harder, you won't regret it. You will see results and be happy. 

My fave moments of 2014! Location of some pictures is Istra, Croatia where I've been on my vacation. 

Dream big and dare to fail. 

What are your goals? How are you trying to accomplish them?

                                                                                 Love, Tia 

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