Wednesday, 7 January 2015


                  MY NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS??

My new year's resolutions are tipical resolutions that every person makes and never fulfil them till the end of year but I hope so that that won't be this years case. Wish me good luck xx

1. Blog! I really need post more blog posts and so far I've been doing my job great at least I think so! There were up to 3 or even more blog posts every week which is great, I hope that I will keep writing them since this is only thing that I currently want to do. 

2. Having fun, I really want to live on my fullest and just have fun. And spend less time on my phone bc I have an addiction. 

3. Stay in touch with my friends because this year all my friends are moving away in different countries and towns. And I hope that we'll stay in touch because they are the best! 

4. Travel, although this year I am going only to two trips, both are with my friends. I will be going to those trips in summer and I am very excited!! 

5. Working out, I really want to workout more just to feel better about myself and to shape up, but I never do, fingers crossed. 

That are main resolutions, I also have some others but I think that I will do them. Hope you enjoyed reading this. Untill next time Xxx

                                                                                    Love, Tia 


  1. goodluck

    check out my newest post

  2. I'd love to travel more this year and I hope I will. Great resolutions.