Monday, 23 February 2015


Hello beauties!
I saw some new videos on YT about perfect days/mornings and all of that kinda stuff and I really wanted to write blogpost about it. This is how I spend my days sometimes and I think that they are perfect for me. Keep on reading Xx

 If I want to have a perfect day I will wake up any time I want to wake up! Its usually around 10 am which is perfect time for me to get up and get ready for the day ahead of me.


 For my breakfast I always have cup of tea and cereals with some fruit or sometimes just big bowl of fruit bc I am trying to be healthier!



I love my morning workouts! They really make my day alot better. I workout for about an hour just to keep up in shape.


Nothing better than a nice bath time! I love taking baths but I am sometimes just too bussy so I hop in shower. But when I want my day to start well I will take bath and put some bubbles in it or bath bomb from Lush. 


 I love makeup and If I want to be happy for the rest of the day I will put some makeup on. It gives me confidence and I am super happy!


For clothes I just put on anything that I like, I usually pick my outfit for hours! 

This is how I start my day and how I like it to be, It is usually like this so the rest of my day is amazing! If you like me blog please follow me and leave comment below, I am also thinking about writing perfect day and perfect night posts so If you liked this post let me know. Kisses 

                                                                    Love, Tia

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