Sunday, 15 March 2015


Hello beauties! Long time no see. I haven't blogged anything in while now just because I was busy with my school and homework but now I finally managed to sit down and write something and I am SO happy that I am blogging again as I used to.

I was using quite a lot of styling tools past month or two just bc I was attending some events and I wanted to look nice. I really enjoyed using them but my hair is mess now! Its extremely damaged and dry.

Some of products I used are here. For exaple NUME curling wand. It has 3 wands in different sizes and each one of them creates different hair look. Big one gives you huge waves which I really like and they look amazing. I am warning you that before you use any heat on your hair, make sure to spray some heat protective spray and use gloves just in case! Xxx

These wands are great and If you are looking for new curling wand I highly recommend this one, you wont regret it.